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Hi there!

My name is Gabriel Somoza. I'm a Solution Architect specialised in Ecommerce, local community leader and speaker based in Limburg, Belgium.

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E-Commerce in uw B2B

Exciting news! Earlier this month I published an article on some key Ecommerce strategies for B2B in Voka - Kamer van Koophandel Antwerpen-Waasland magazine!

Exporting and Importing Compressed MySQL Dumps

I believe these are highly simple yet really useful tips for any Unix sysadmin/webmaster. I don’t have to export, transfer and import large MySQL databases very often so today I decided to add these one-liner commands to my blog so...

XKCD Console Cheatsheet

xkcd released a really original version of his site: unixkcd. It features a linux-like shell which you can use to navigate the comigs or go to other parts of the site. Some of the commands are not displayed and we...